Dryfree اهڙا dehydrator، شمسي dryers، گرمي پمپ سڪائڻ مشينن ۽ شمسي + گرمي پمپ سڪائڻ ايلي.

سڀني حصن لاء Dryfree استعمال اعلي معيار ۽ اسان گرمي پمپ سڪائڻ لاء خاص ڪمپريسر لاء Sanyo ۽ Copeland اچان استعمال. اسان کي مضبوط ۽ وڏي سائيز ختم استعمال کي وڌيڪ افاديت خاطري ڪري.
Dryfree also have special patent for mixed antifreeze. Our antifreeze assure our special compressor can work on 85 C with resistant work. That is key to assure Max dry temperature can reach 85 degree or higher.
Dryfree also has flexible manufacture capacity to manufacture different and custom-built products with customers' requirements. That is very important because according to different commercial dry projects, we will design, manufacture according to special projects.

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